Roots Underwood is compromised of husband and wife team, Matt and Hillary Sargent. We are proud to be operating right outside of Louisville, in Crestwood, KY.

We follow biodynamic practices and are guided with our vision of soil-to-community wellness. Our individual experiences, as well as the passions that we hold together, have taught us that we are all part of a global community. We have learned that in order to be healthy as individuals, so must the earth and land be healthy.

It’s no secret that modern agriculture has a fair amount of questionable practices with which we wholeheartedly disagree, but just discussing these practices will get us nowhere, and this is why we farm. For those reasons we also refuse to use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, steroids, synthetic fertilizers, genetic engineering...well, you get the picture.

Instead, we plant with the seasons and closely follow the rhythms of the earth and moon. We nurture the soil, feeding the earthworms and their smaller microbial friends, as nurturing the soil nourishes you. Because of how we care for the earth and our farming practices, our food is filled with vibrant energy and vital nutrients that are often lost in conventional farming. We take pride and have such a passion for providing you and your family with the best food possible.

If you have more interest in our farm and what we believe is true about soil-to-community wellness, please follow our blog, sign up to be a part of our newsletter, and call us ahead of time for a farm visit.

FUN facts

The name, "Roots Underwood" came about when Hillary and Matt were homesteading in Southern Indiana...Underwood, Indiana, to be exact. This is where they were putting "roots" into the ground, beginning their farming "roots", and starting an orchard ("roots" under "wood"). There you have it, folks. They feel blessed to have had their life there, and even more blessed have left it behind.

Hillary and Matt are both Aries, they even put a symbol of this is their logo...can you spot it?

Hillary was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and was lucky enough to spend over 10 years living in Vail, Colorado. She was a ski patroller at Vail mountain, and this is how she came to meet Matt.

Matt is from Vail, Colorado. He patrolled for Beaver Creek mountain. We both are forever grateful for our years on patrol, so many good friends, memories, and experiences...even some that are proving useful in the fields!

Both Matt and Hillary are horse lovers, both worked on a ranch and guided pack trips from Vail, CO to Aspen, CO. They will continue to be horse lovers, despite their lack of horses at the moment. Ski patrol brought them together and horses are what strengthened their bond. 

Matt was a Class V raft guide and took many tourists down some of the gnarliest stretches of Colorado rivers. His greatest river adventure was spent guiding precious cargo (Hillary) down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon for 20 days. They both lived to tell about it and were engaged shortly after.

Hillary and Matt will be welcoming a baby girl (and an extra set of future hands) in early June...be on the lookout for Hillary's growing bump and the new human hanging out with them at the markets!